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Disposable Income

About this data

Spotzi offers the disposable income the Netherlands at 4-digit postal code level. This dataset contains the following information:

  • The total number of inhabitants per postal code
  • The total number of households per postal code
  • The total disposable income per postal code
  • The average disposable income per inhabitant per postal code
  • The average disposable income per household per postal code
  • All data is also calculated as a percentage and as an index

How to buy the Disposable Income the Netherlands?

The Disposable Income the Netherlands is part of our Spotzi Insights Dashboards. Above all our dashboards save you time and money. Firstly, by uploading your customer base in our Spotzi Insights Dashboards we will instantly show you the average disposable income of your customers. Secondly, we show you look-alike audiences to target. By adding our media consumption to our dashboards, you can define the best marketing strategy. Our Dashboards will instantly provide the necessary insights. Data analysts however can use Spotzi Studio. With Spotzi Studio you are able to perform more complex analytics and export the data or aggregated results.

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Disposable income is also known as purchasing power. It is the net income of a person or household. Net income is the income after taxes, pension plans and other costs an employer deducts from a salary. Alimonies and other income are also part of the net income.

Does Covid affect the Disposable Income?

The data shows that Europeans have around €773 less disposable income in 2020 due to Covid-19. Liechtenstein and Switzerland didn't suffer that much from Covid-19 compared to other countries. Iceland and Norway have been hit quite hard by Covid-19. Their currency devaluated heavily against the euro.

It is important to know where disposable income is highest in order to be able to make the best possible use of marketing budgets and sales resources. The Disposable Income shows the economic strength of a given region, and helps you make business decisions related to sales management and marketing as well as location planning and evaluation. Therefore GfK updated the Disposable Income of all European Countries already in November 2020. This way you will have the latest insights that help you adjust your marketing efforts.

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