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Spotzi’s real estate dataset of the Netherlands offers detailed insights into properties across the country. With this dataset, users are able to look into a property’s construction year, the year(s) it went on sale, its asking price, and even the prices paid during buyer transactions!

For a more detailed overview, please read our dataset information and to check out all the characteristics that this real estate dataset includes.

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Dataset information


Addresses and Buildings Key Registry the Netherlands

Update frequency:




Level of geography:



Real Estate the Netherlands - Characteristics

This dataset includes the following information:

Address information

  • Coordinates (latitude/longitude)
  • Postal code
  • City name

Building outlines

  • Square footage of the building
  • Building type

Extended property information

  • Energy efficiency
  • Function (residential or commercial)
  • Building Height
  • Year of Construction
  • Floor Space

Market Status

  • For sale/rent or not for sale/rent
  • Listing price

Parcel information

  • Parcel boundaries
  • Parcel acreage

Property Value

  • Property value (in Euros)

Our Sources

The Netherlands’ Real-Estate dataset uses data sourced from both The Addresses and Buildings Key Registry ( BAG ) and  Huizenzoeker  to ensure we’re offering clients the most accurate real-estate data on the market.

"Our intuitive dashboards and easy-to-use data tools have streamlined the process of key audience targeting."

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