Determine the best location for your new store

Location, Location, Location. There is nothing more important than choosing the right location for your business. Our tools help you find the perfect location for your new store by showing you the consumer spending on certain types and products in any specific location.

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Determine the best location for your new store

Trade Area Analysis

Your all-in-one solution

A trade area analysis is the best way of finding out whether a specific location would be a good fit for your business. With Spotzi you can perform a thorough competitive analysis and visualization within a certain radius or travel time within your future store location. At Spotzi you don’t need to be a data analyst to perform this analysis.

Your all-in-one solution

Trusted Data Sources

All data in one place

Consumer data, demographics and store locations of your competitors. With Spotzi you have direct access to data from trusted sources like GfK and Vividata. Double checked and verified by our data professionals. You don’t have to worry about anything.

All data in one place

Consumer Insights

Find high-potential customers

When you are a shoe store our spending on shoes will highlight the postal codes where people are most likely to spend their money on shoes. You can further zoom into your potential customer’s behaviour by filtering on certain types of stores people are most likely to visit. You select the characteristics and Spotzi shows you where your high potential customers are.

Find high-potential customers

Drive-Time Mapping

Analyze customers within driving distance

Want more insight into the type of people around a store location or within a certain travel time? Just click on the map and your analysis is ready in an instant. Want an analysis of multiple locations? No problem!

Analyze customers within driving distance

Store Locator

Perform a competitive analysis

Find store locations the competition hasn't thought of yet. With our store locator you simply select a location on the map and we will instantly show you how many competitors are in that area.

Perform a competitive analysis

We’ll cover all your bases…

When you choose Spotzi, every plan includes the following benefits:

thumbnail Retail location planning

Customer Story

Retail location planning

Establishing new store locations with potentially the most valuable consumers. A well known sports brand from the US just did it, but how? What data did they use and how do you make sure that the data is usable for analysis?

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Our dashboards allow you to immediately start analyzing out-of-home inventory or retail locations—all with the click of a button.

Are you a data scientist looking for a more advanced analytics solution? Spotzi Enterprise offers users all the necessary tools to perform complex data analytics. Any findings can then be shared or exported via our easy-to-build dashboards—allowing you to prioritize data analytics without worrying about the future accessibility of your insights.

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