Apps for maps

Spotzi offers a mapping solution along with great mapping features. However, more experienced users might need powerful analytics tools. We offer a plain and simple solution: Map Apps. Our apps are powerful add-ons to our already powerful mapping features.

Join App   Join App

You are a company with a large customer base complete with address information. However, it is just a list of addresses that offers no clear insights. You want to map out your customers geographically, but how? With the Spotzi Join App you can link your business data to postal code- and other administrative areas on a digital map. A great way to assign work areas for your employees or to visualize where customers are coming from.

Filter App   Filter App

The Spotzi Filter App allows you to create big data filters in just a few clicks. It allows you to create the most powerful selections of your data quickly and to make advanced filters based on an unlimited number of characteristics. The Filter App is a great addition to the Spotzi Mapbuilder. Especially for sales organizations that wish to find new high potential territories.

PDF Rapportage App   GIS App

The Spotzi GIS app brings professional location data functionalities to the Spotzi Mapbuilder. This powerful add-on enables users to create a radius map and to find which businesses/ postal code areas within that radius. The GIS app also allows users to select multiple map features and to style your selection the way you like.

PDF Rapportage App   PDF Reporting App

The PDF reporting app also allows you to generate PDF reports from your maps. Open the map in the Mapbuilder and let the PDF reporting app automatically generate a beautiful report of your mapped out data. A report that will truly impress your colleagues and customers.

Webservice App   Webservice App

Integrate Spotzi into your own application by using our intelligent web service and geospatial API. Request daily/monthly updates in JSON, XML or CSV format. Or perform updates to the data in your Mapbuilder account with a simple API call. The Spotzi Webservice allows you to connect your applications/websites directly to the Spotzi database.

Drivetime App   DriveTime App

Do you want to calculate the drive time from your business location? With the Drivetime App you can easily create a drive time map for your company. A great tool if you want to calculate the travel time of your employees or estimate delivery times for logistic planning.

Graph App   Graph App

The Spotzi Graph app turns your map into a powerful location dashboard. This app offers an easy-to-use framework where you can add blocks with different kinds of graphs. With the Spotzi Graph app you are able to add an extra text box, single value box, bar chart, pie chart or radar chart. A great addition to turn your location data into a true location intelligence dashboard.

Points of Interest App   POI App

With the Spotzi POI app you can easily request our extensive POI database and plot every location directly on the map. This app allows your to find specific POIs by name or category in a specific range or city.

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