Find, analyze, and visualize data

Many of our clients use our location intelligence tools and data to create interesting business outcomes that answers questions like:

  • Where should I focus my marketing efforts?
  • What is the best country to establish my new business?
  • How do we assign franchise areas?
  • Which areas have the highest housing prices?

Spotzi has many clients from different industries around the world who have started the process of integrating their own business data with our location data. We helped them enrich their existing business data to gain more insights and to make more substantiated decisions. Furthermore we also helped them add a location to their data to conduct spatial analysis and create beautiful mapped out visualizations of their data. This is an effective way to visualize your data and allow your team to quickly find crucial insights to your business questions.

Spotzi has all the location intelligence and location data you need to get you started. We offer interesting (real-time) location data sets to enrich your business data. Along with the Spotzi Mapbuilder and Spotzi Apps, Spotzi is a complete package for beginning and advanced users to use to gather location intelligence.

Case Studies

An interactive map for Outdoor Advertising

Branded Cities is one of the biggest outdoor advertising companies in North America that is using Spotzi to map out all their assets for their customers.

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Integrate third-party data in online advertsing

DigitalAudience is a data platform that helps online marketing professionals to reach the right audience for their online campaigns. They used the Spotzi Webservice to extend their database.

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Analyzing real estate price development

Dura Vermeer is a real estate developer that is continuously searching for the latest real estate market trends. In collaboration with Spotzi they developed a dashboard that helps them with this analysis.

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Segment customers by postal code

Interest in new construction projects differs per project. That’s why construction company Heembouw is using Spotzi to map out potential customers and to gain more insights by enriching their data.

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Mapping a database

CIG helps companies to gain more insight into their customers. With Spotzi they have developed an interactive map that visualizes their database and can be integrated into their owns platform.

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