Increase (D)OOH effectiveness

Deploying (digital) out-of-home campaigns in a more targeted way requires more insight into the type of people you want to reach. With Spotzi, you simply put your assets on the map and we show you the type of audience you are able to target based on near live traffic data. Our interactive mapping tool also helps you stand out from the crowd with the opportunity to add video content, spec sheets and distance testing. Spotzi is a member of WOO (World Out-of-Home Organization) so we are always on the lookout for what the OOH market needs.

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Increase (D)OOH effectiveness

Mobility Data

Insights in reach

With our data, we provide insight into who is passing by a billboard, where they are coming from and where they are heading to. Based on these insights we create a profile of the type of customers you can reach. This way you can advise your customers even better about an OOH campaign to be rolled out.

Insights in reach

Audience Builder

Find the best-fit audience

Don’t worry about spending time tying together data sources. We have done the legwork for you. The Audience Builder gives you instant insight into the target groups you can reach with your billboards. Simply filter based on as many as 1000 characteristics, including consumer behavior, demographics and audience affinity like the type of stores they tend to visit.

Find the best-fit audience


Map your assets

Want an instant overview of all your billboards and other assets on the map? With the Spotzi Geolocator we convert your database or Excel with locations directly into points on the map. So you can immediately start analyzing your reach. Make the map even more stunning by adding videos, spec sheets and the ability to perform distance testing.

Map your assets

Store Locator

Reach shoppers and store visitors

Looking to just visualize billboards near a supermarket to reach shoppers? It can be done quickly and easily with our integrated Store Locator. Look for specific types of stores within a certain travel distance or radius. With Spotzi you create the most advanced analyses. In just a few clicks.

Reach shoppers and store visitors

Instant Dashboards

Impress your customers

All data and analytics are visualized in an easy to understand dashboard. A dashboard that you can immediately share with your team, marketing agencies or customers. Password protected so you have full control over who has access to your insights.

Impress your customers

But there is more…

When you choose Spotzi, every plan includes the following benefits:

thumbnail Campaign Planning for OOH

Customer Story

Campaign Planning for OOH

The Canadian Company Vertical Impression turns elevator riders into customers through digital screens. They teamed up with Spotzi to highlight the elevators that matter to their clients.

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Whether you are new to data analytics or already an expert. We offer solutions for everyone. You don’t need to be a data expert to work with Spotzi. For more tailor made solutions we offer Spotzi Enterprise. With these plans you cannot only manage the data yourself but also connect to our API and manage users for the dashboards you create. Or work with our Market Ready Dashboards and drive on autopilot.

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