Increase Campaign Effectiveness with Near Real-Time OOH Measurement

At Spotzi, we harbor a deep passion for Out-Of-Home (Outdoor Advertising). In our relentless pursuit of enhancing this dynamic market, we've crafted specialized tools designed to empower outdoor enthusiasts in maximizing their revenue. This month – we've seamlessly integrated near real-time OOH measurement dashboards. Discover the latest advancements in optimizing your outdoor campaigns and driving unprecedented success!

OOH Measurement

When launching an online campaign, it's easy to monitor the number of visitors landing on your website. However, with traditional advertising methods like Billboards and Digital Screens, it's often challenging to gauge the impact on physical foot traffic to stores or restaurants. That's where our global solution steps in, providing you with cutting-edge real-time insights.

Analyzing Foot Traffic Data to Measure Advertising Success

By harnessing location data from customers' mobile devices, we can track their movements before and after they encounter your Out-Of-Home advertisement. If you notice a surge in foot traffic following the OOH campaign, you can directly attribute some of that success to the ad.

Billboard Effectiveness

Instant Insights on a Map

What sets us apart? Imagine having an instant overview on a map that pinpoints which stores are driving the most foot traffic. Our tool takes you beyond generic data, offering unparalleled insights at the store level. Identify hotspots, optimize your campaigns for specific locations, and watch your foot traffic soar.

Works with Static Billboards

Not all campaigns are dynamic, and we understand that. Our tool is designed to cater to the versatility of static billboards, making it an inclusive solution for all your Out-Of-Home advertising needs. Whether digital or static, our tool delivers reliable insights that empower your decision-making process.

No CPM Required

Unlike competitors, our measurement tool stands alone – no need to commit to buying Cost Per Mille (CPM) to access its full capabilities. We believe in providing you with the flexibility to use our tool on its own terms, ensuring you get precisely what you need without unnecessary constraints.

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White label solution

Sell our measurement tool and get free access to our planning tool!

Proximity Analysis

Are you a publisher or marketing agency looking to enhance your services? Our cutting-edge measurement services can be seamlessly integrated as a white label solution for your clients, allowing you to offer top-notch analytics without the hassle. And that's not all - when you invest in a package of measurement campaigns, you'll also unlock complimentary access to our innovative planning tool, giving you a competitive edge in the market. Elevate your offerings and drive results with our comprehensive solutions today.

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