Target audiences that matter to your business

Creating engaging marketing campaigns for more brand awareness. It all starts with finding the audiences that are most likely to be drawn to your message. Based on the best customer data and our Consumer Styles, Spotzi offers a (free) tool that helps you to define, analyze and target high-potential customers. Start with spending your marketing budget on the audiences that actually matter to your business. Start with Spotzi - it’s free to try.

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Target audiences that matter to your business

Free Consumer Styles

Predefined Consumer Profiles

We at Spotzi divided the world in audience segments based on common characteristics such as the demographic composition of a household. The result is 10 Spotzi Consumer Styles that are currently available in 6 countries around the globe. Our Consumer Styles are free for everyone. You simply register for our free plan and our Consumer Styles are then ready to be explored.

Predefined Consumer Profiles

Free Consumer Styles

Audience Expansion

Our Consumer Styles are globally consistent, meaning that every country has the same segmentation. This makes it much easier to find similar audiences in other countries. A must have when you are expanding your business to new international markets.

Audience Expansion

Audience Locator

Data-Driven Audiences in just a few clicks

Next to Spotzi Consumer Styles our dashboards contain over 1000 additional characteristics from renowned data providers. So you can build your data-driven audiences within a few clicks and see where they are right away.

Data-Driven Audiences in just a few clicks

Customer Data Enrichment

More insights into your existing customer base

Do you already have a consumer database and does it have a location component such as a zip code? Then add your company data and enrich your customer data directly with our extensive database.

More insights into your existing customer base


Integrated in your marketing tools

Do you want more answers about the customers in your CRM? Or do you want to use your analysis for targeting your campaign? Export an Excel, which you can use for targeting your online and offline campaigns. Or use the Spotzi API for extensive integration possibilities. That way, you can turn your insights into action right away!

Integrated in your marketing tools

We’ll cover all your bases…

When you choose Spotzi, every plan includes the following benefits:

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Customer Story

How to find new sponsors

Data driven marketing in Soccer - How Dutch soccer club FC Groningen is using Spotzi to grow their fanbase and find new sponsors.

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OOH + Mobile Ads: Your 2022 Marketing Dream Team!

Spotzi’s disposable income data allows marketers and brands to target consumers based on shopping personality and brand loyalty.

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Our dashboards allow you to immediately start analyzing out-of-home inventory or retail locations—all with the click of a button.

Are you a data scientist looking for a more advanced analytics solution? Spotzi Enterprise offers users all the necessary tools to perform complex data analytics. Any findings can then be shared or exported via our easy-to-build dashboards—allowing you to prioritize data analytics without worrying about the future accessibility of your insights.

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