Spotzi Explorer

A free plan for marketers, researchers, students, and beyond.

Spotzi Explorer is a free resource designed to make insights into global location and population data accessible to the general public. Our ever-evolving catalogue of pre-made maps and dashboards features global postal code boundaries, population data, economic insights, and more. 

Spotzi Explorer is available as a free standalone plan, and is also included in our Mapping, Profiling, and Targeting plans.

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A free plan for marketers, researchers, students, and beyond.

Borders and Boundaries

Postal Code Boundaries across more than 20 countries.

Access reliable postal code dashboards to view and interact with up-to-date postal code boundary data across over 20 countries — including all of Europe and North America. 

Our Explorer catalogue also includes a map of all European provinces, and a dashboard featuring US states alongside data relevant to each state.

Borders and Boundaries

Business and Economy

Check out the free maps which are most relevant to your brand or industry.

Our OOH dashboard provides a global overview of 140,000 digital screens, while our Supermarket dashboard maps the locations of all the supermarkets from around the world. 

We also equip you with insights into traffic congestion across numerous countries, as well as income brackets — at municipality level — across the US and Canada.

Business and Economy

Culture, People and Leisure

Geographically visualizing global data from reliable sources.

Spotzi Explorer offers maps of worldwide population densities, wealth distribution, spoken languages, and other human-centric data. Our dashboards allow each dataset to be modernly visualized at a birds-eye-view.

Culture, People and Leisure

Get the most out of Spotzi

Find your best-fit customers.

Spotzi Explorer is a public resource, meaning anyone can sign up and access its many powerful dashboards for free.

That's not all — our Mapping, Profiling, and Targeting plans also include access to the Spotzi Explorer catalogue to ensure that you're always getting the most value in return for your investment.

Get the most out of Spotzi

Access the Free Spotzi Explorer

Gain access to our free catalog of maps and dashboards. Find Postal Codes, learn more about global income differences or just get inspired by our community maps. Spotzi Explorer is our free solution for every marketer, researcher, student and beyond. Available as a stand alone solution and part of our price plans.

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While Spotzi Explorer is a powerful resource, it's important to note that its visualization tools do not allow you to conduct your own analytics (such as profiling a customer base.) If you’re interested in getting the most out of our flexible platform and generating your own insights we recommend upgrading to one of our paid plans.

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New Partnership with OOH Info LLC: Revolutionizing OOH Optimization

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