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Our address datasets contain all geospatial address data of Canada. You can use this data to send direct mail campaigns to households within a certain radius of your store, or to limit your online campaigns to viewers within a specific catchment area.

Address-Level Targeting in Canada

Spotzi Targeting users can also combine our address data with consumer demographics and behavior data - such as insights into purchasing habits or disposable income - to ensure that every campaign targets their best-fit customers.

  • Spotzi Profiling uses the address geographical dataset to create detailed profiles of potential customers. By combining location data with demographic and behavioral information, it can provide insights into the preferences and needs of different customer segments. This can help businesses understand their audience better and create more effective marketing strategies.

  • To generate targeted mailing lists, employ our profiling tools to begin delineating your target audience according to demographics, interests, and behaviors. Employ strategies for direct mail customer segmentation to categorize your audience into specific groups. After creating these groups, you can export a list of addresses for focused and effective direct mail campaigns.
  • Certainly, you can create address lists by aggregating data based on various parameters such as Canadian 3-digit postal code (FSA) areas. For example, you can generate an address list by postal code, allowing you to target specific geographic regions efficiently. This segmentation strategy aids in tailoring your communication to the unique characteristics of different areas or localities.

  • Yes, you can export this Canadian address list to Excel. Most mailing list databases and management systems offer the option to export data in various formats, including Excel. This facilitates easy integration with other tools and allows for seamless data analysis and manipulation.

  • Absolutely. This dataset is well-suited for address validation, offering a comprehensive solution through various means. Utilizing an address validation checker, you can ensure the accuracy and completeness of each address. The address data validation process is further enhanced with our robust API, allowing seamless integration for efficient validation.

    Whether you're validating addresses locally or internationally, our international address validation capabilities cover addresses worldwide. This ensures that your data is reliable, adheres to postal standards, and is ready for successful implementation in diverse global contexts.

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thumbnail Spotzi welcomes TomTom as a new data partner for global traffic and POI data.


Spotzi welcomes TomTom as a new data partner for global traffic and POI data.

Spotzi partners with TomTom for global traffic data and POI data, enhancing GeoMarketing insights for strategic growth and OOH advertising effectiveness.