Branded Cities: Custom Mapping for OOH

Branded Cities is an innovative out-of-home media owner with iconic OOH screens spanning across North America. They bring OOH campaigns to life in locations such as Times Square in New York, Toronto’s Yonge and Dundas, and the Las Vegas Strip. As the owners of hundreds of static and digital screens, Branded Cities required an inventory mapping and visualization tool which would offer clients a detailed, location-driven overview of all of their assets. A custom website integration of Spotzi’s Mapping tool offered a unique solution which ticked all of Branded Cities’ boxes.

Spotzi’s mapping platform was able to bridge the gap between clients’ requests for information (RFI) and requests for proposals (RFP). Branded Cities’ prospective buyers are now able to independently review their widespread inventory, view individual asset specs, and can even run distance tests of their creative before choosing to request a proposal. This automation of the RFP process simplifies quote requests by making them accessible by clients directly from a media owner’s website or landing page.

Create Custom Maps for your OOH Inventory

Spotzi’s intuitive platform offers a straightforward mapping solution for the visualization of global OOH inventory. Each of your assets can be automatically plotted from your own datasets using our Geocoder and file import functions. Your maps can then be customized to align with any brand’s visual identity, and will offer clients and colleagues alike a birds-eye-view of your billboard density and distribution. Every asset can be identified as a billboard, bus shelter, or other OOH asset type using custom iconography. Our filter tools also ensure that limiting your inventory to only the assets most relevant to your clients’ interests is as easy as drag and drop.

Spotzi’s mapping solution was a great way for us to gain a clear overview of all of our assets — which was useful for us and for our clients.

Indoor OOH inventory — such as the digital screens within Toronto’s Union Station — can come with its own unique mapping challenges. Spotzi is able to navigate the mapping of these screens by offering users the option of incorporating detailed floor plans of malls, train stations, and airports into both internal and client-facing maps. These floor plans allow viewers to zoom into buildings and see the exact interior location and orientation of every OOH screen within the building.

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Spotzi’s OOH dashboards help Branded Cities direct customers towards the best out of home strategy for their campaigns.

Offering Brands a Targeted Out of Home Campaign Strategy

Branded Cities’ Spotzi integration allows users to get a more detailed look into each asset they select by enriching each map with photos, videos, specs, and detailed asset descriptions. Clients can also add extra inventory filters to ensure that their customers can always locate the most promising billboards for their campaigns. Our global demographic datasets allow users to filter OOH inventory based on the demographics of local or visiting populations. This results in a greater campaign impact, happier clients, and more revenue.

Request Assets and Information Directly from Spotzi’s Maps

OOH can be a dynamic advertising medium. Therefore, when a potential client becomes interested in one or more OOH screens we want to ensure that it’s as easy as possible for them to get in touch with the right person right away. This is why Spotzi also developed a “shopping cart” function within our mapping tool integration. Customers can use the OOH shopping cart to directly “order” one or more assets for their prospective campaigns with only the click of a button. Each client can also first test their creative on any asset that catches their eye with the help of our custom distance testing tool. This collection of tools ensures that the sales team has all the information they need when returning inquiries and completing client orders — without the need for back-and-forth clarification via phone or email.

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