Find your best-fit customers

Spotzi’s premium geomarketing platform is designed to streamline your journey towards efficient, effective, and data-driven campaigns. Explore our 3 plans below to get started.

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Find your best-fit customers

The 3 pillars of data-driven marketing.

Spotzi Mapping

Turn address lists into opportunities.

Use Spotzi’s intuitive platform to create custom maps and dashboards by pairing your location data with our global postal code boundary database.

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Spotzi Mapping

Spotzi Profiling

Turn your location data into actionable geomarketing insights.

Build in-depth audience profiles of store and venue visitors, neighbourhoods, brand enthusiasts, OOH audiences, and more.

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Spotzi Profiling

Spotzi Targeting

Build targeted and relevant marketing campaigns.

Use our global database to search for your best-fit customers at neighbourhood, address, or even device level.

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Spotzi Targeting

Customer Stories

We've already helped a lot of companies find their best-fit customers and more effectively target their marketing and sales campaigns.

Access the Free Spotzi Explorer

Gain access to our free catalog of maps and dashboards. Find Postal Codes, learn more about global income differences or just get inspired by our community maps. Spotzi Explorer is our free solution for every marketer, researcher, student and beyond. Available as a stand alone solution and part of our price plans.

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Ready to turn your data into insights?

Spotzi’s platform streamlines the process of geomarketing research & analysis by providing you with a one-stop-shop for all of your mapping and location data needs.

Are you ready to take your campaigns to the next level? Contact us to learn more about our Mapping, Profiling, and Targeting plans.

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