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Three steps to success.

We help you spot the best location. The best location to put up an ad, the best location to develop real estate or the best location to target your audience. In three steps our tools answer all your questions. There is no need to walk down data driven paths, unlock the power of spatial analytics or learn the science of where. Are you still there? Don’t you worry. Let us worry about data-analytics and machine learning so you can focus on your own work.






Turn your data into maps and discover insights you never knew existed.

The first step in our solution is mapping your own data. For example a list of addresses of your own client base, an overview of your stores or the location of your billboards. We turn data into maps. A map tells you more than a thousand words. You will discover insights you didn’t know before. Just like a client of ours discovered that her sales reps only targeted prospects around their office locations instead of exploring uncharted territory.



Insights that help you grow your business. Powered by high quality location data.

Mapping your data is a very important first step but we help you find hidden patterns. Who are my customers, what drives them, which properties are most likely to be sold and what kind of people pass by a billboard. Just a few questions that our dashboards help you answer. Our data experts work together with strong data partners so we can show you insights like age, income, consumers spending habits, property values and walking patterns. Our dashboards help you become successful.



Turn your insights into results with a powerhouse of tools.

Insights are worthless if you don’t act upon it. Unfortunately thousands of dollars are being spent on so called intelligent dashboards which in fact are not . Therefore we provide more than insights. We help find new opportunities. We show you look-alikes of your customers, help you spot the best location to invest in real estate or tell you where to put up a billboard. All results can be shared with colleagues and clients. Password protected of course.

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About Spotzi

Be Successful

Our tools help you grow your business.

Save Time

Market ready tools and data saves time and money.

Easy to Use

We built Spotzi with you in mind.

Interested in our solutions? Please contact our sales team.

Whether you are new to data analytics or already an expert. We offer solutions for everyone. You don’t need to be a data expert to work with Spotzi Location. For more tailor made solutions we offer Spotzi Studio. With this plan you cannot only manage the data yourself but also connect to our API and manage users for the dashboards you create. Or work with our Market Ready Dashboards and drive on autopilot.