Campaign Planning for OOH

The Canadian company Vertical Impression turns every elevator rider into a brand’s new potential customer—all via the use of digital elevator screens. They teamed up with Spotzi to investigate and highlight the elevators that provided the best advertising approach for each of their clients’ unique needs.

"Spotzi is simply fun to work with!"

Vertical Impression is all about elevators. Through them it is possible to advertise in apartment towers in many communities across Canada. An interactive planning tool helps their customers plan their ad and upload their creatives. However one piece was still missing. How do you determine which elevator fits your audience. That's why they teamed up with Spotzi

Once their clients planned their campaign they will be redirected to our planning dashboard. From there they can select the type of audience they want to target. The dashboard shows the locations that match their criteria. When satisfied with the result our dashboards send the filtered locations to the planning tool of Vertical Impression. The only thing their clients need to do is start the campaign.

The best thing of this solution is not only our campaign dashboard. It is also the automation between our 2 systems. Clients automatically login to our platform without the need to enter any login credentials. The result is a seamless working process for their marketers.

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