Spotzi Mapping

Turn address lists into opportunities.

Use Spotzi’s intuitive platform to create custom maps and dashboards by pairing your location data with our global postal code boundary database.

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Turn address lists into opportunities.

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Create Sleek Custom Maps

Create striking custom maps that display your stores, billboards, or customers’ addresses.

Our mapping platform is easy to use and allows you to generate shareable maps with just the click of a button.

Create Sleek Custom Maps

Global Postal Code Mapping

Spotzi’s postal code boundaries are available in more than 20 countries.

Our boundary data comes with the purchase of any Spotzi plan, and allows you to analyze your data at postal code level across markets in any city or country.

Global Postal Code Mapping

Automatic Dashboard Generator

Pair your custom maps with data.

There’s no need to crunch or organize the numbers yourself — our platform will do it for you!

Simply import your data file into our interactive dashboard builder to create dynamic graphs and custom data blocks alongside your maps.

Automatic Dashboard Generator

Analyze Catchment Areas

See which customers live within a 15 minute walk of your coffee shop, or within an hour's drive from your tech store.

Apply custom map filters based on postal codes, your own data, or even perimeter selections.

Our platform will automatically analyze travel routes and traffic data to generate catchment areas based on the walking or drive-times to any location.

Analyze Catchment Areas

Global POI Database

Map competing business locations or find your perfect selection of OOH billboards.

Automatically generate locations of a specific category across your country of choice. See which of your billboards are within 10km of a supermarket, map the locations of all the competing coffee shops in your area, and more.

Global POI Database

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thumbnail Branded Cities: Custom Mapping for OOH

Customer Story

Branded Cities: Custom Mapping for OOH

Branded Cities is an innovative advertising company in North America that is using Spotzi to map out all their assets for their customers.

Access the Free Spotzi Explorer

Gain access to our free catalog of maps and dashboards. Find Postal Codes, learn more about global income differences or just get inspired by our community maps. Spotzi Explorer is our free solution for every marketer, researcher, student and beyond. Available as a stand alone solution and part of our price plans.

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thumbnail New Partnership with OOH Info LLC: Revolutionizing OOH Optimization


New Partnership with OOH Info LLC: Revolutionizing OOH Optimization

Unlock the power of OOH with OOH Info LLC and Spotzi: optimizing Billboard and Screen placements for 300 media owners across the U.S.

Ready to turn your data into insights?

Spotzi’s platform streamlines the process of geomarketing research & analysis by providing you with a one-stop-shop for all of your mapping and location data needs.

Are you ready to take your campaigns to the next level? Contact us to learn more about our Mapping, Profiling, and Targeting plans.

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