Targeted direct marketing campaign

Sending out meal-kit coupons to every household in the world is an impossible task. Instead, use our marketing dashboard to plan efficient and cost-effective direct mail campaigns — saving your company time and money.

Defining an effective direct marketing campaign strategy

The field marketing department of a popular meal-kit brand is responsible for their company’s direct marketing efforts. They’d like to entice potential customers by sending coupons directly to their households via a direct mail campaign. Targeting every single household in the world, however, can be daunting and inefficient... So how can they decide on the right households for their campaign? Well, with the help of our marketing dashboard, this team was able to define their ideal audience and target the consumers who were most likely to use the coupons they received to start their meal-kit journeys.

Export addresses for targeted direct marketing campaigns

Direct Marketing is the most efficient way for a meal-kit company to market their products, and coupons offer new clients a chance to learn about the benefits of meal boxes first-hand. Direct Marketing, however, can be time-consuming and expensive. Just one marketing campaign can cost a company thousands—if not millions—of dollars.

We chose Spotzi because of how easy it is to use their platform. Among different BI Tools, Spotzi was the only tool we could instantly use.

The easiest way to save money on your direct marketing campaigns is to avoid sending coupons to households which are the least likely to try your advertised products. Our dashboards allowed this brand’s marketing team to build an audience profile of the households who have already subscribed to their meal-kits; This generated audience profile can then be used to locate look-alike audiences across the country. Once your potential new customers are located, their addresses can be exported as an Excel list — ready for use in your direct mail campaigns.

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Our dashboards help you to find look-alike home addresses for targeted direct marketing campaigns

Spotzi: A data driven direct marketing solution that saves you time and money

Expand into new markets, target like-minded audiences, or broaden your understanding of existing customers—all without having to devote time to complex data management. Our dashboards have all the tools and data you’ll need for real, actionable insights.

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