Targeted direct marketing campaign

Sending out coupons for a an offer to a meal-kit to every household in the world is an impossible task. With the help of our marketing dashboard you are able to save millions of dollars.

Defining an effective direct marketing campaign strategy

The Field Marketing department of a meal-kit company is responsible for direct marketing. They are responsible for sending coupons to households through direct mail. Sending out coupons to every household in the world is an impossible task. How do you decide who to send a coupon? With the help of our marketing dashboard they are able to define the audience that is most likely to order a meal-kit.

Export addresses for targeted direct marketing campaigns

The most efficient way of marketing for meal-kit companies is Direct Marketing. Sending out coupons giving new clients the ability to try their meal box. However Direct Marketing through mail is expensive. One marketing campaign can cost you hundreds if not millions of dollars.

We use Spotzi because of the ease of use. We tried different BI Tools but Spotzi was the only tool we could instantly use.

The easiest way to save money is stop sending coupons to households that are not likely to try your product. Through our dashboard you can build a profile of household that are already a member. Based on this profile our dashboards can show look-a-likes. The home addresses of these look-a-likes can then be easily exported to Excel and sent to the marketing team.

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Our dashboards help you to find look-alike home addresses for targeted direct marketing campaigns

Spotzi. A data driven direct marketing solution that saves time and money

Our dashboards have all the functionalities and data you need. No need to look for data and find the right addresses. No need to put data scientists to work. Not only saving money but also saving the Field Marketing team a lot of time and stress.

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