Target at address level

German energy company Innogy is always looking for ways to offer their clients new and innovative products. Read how Spotzi helps them out.

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Spotzi Enterprise users are able to target audiences down to address level. We not only offer the most accurate address data in over 100 countries in the world. We add as many data points to that address as possible. Data varies from demographics to property values and types.

German energy company Innogy has chosen Spotzi to target their customer base at address level. With our data they are even able to determine when their customers are preparing to move. This helps them to keep their clients. Every type of campaign however is possible. They can choose to only target certain types of homes that are not only suitable but also willing to put solar panels on their roof.

Our dashboards instantly show you the audience you select. Innogy also decided to extract the data through our API so they insert the data right into their own customer database. This helps them not onyl target the right audience but also safe time and money in exhanging the data

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