Create a map based on postal codes

Segmenting data and creating a map based on postal codes difficult? Not with Spotzi. Learn how to create insightful postal code maps with these 5 tips.


1. Mind the data type

A postal code column in a data set can be stored in a text or number column. Keep this in mind when you are joining the postal codes from your Excel file to a postal code boundary file. You are only able to join data sets with the same column type.

2. Make your Excel geocode-ready

To make sure the Spotzi Geocoder can process your CSV/Excel well, please create a file where you give as much information as possible. The more information you give the better the Spotzi Geocoder will determine the right location.

3. Check for postal codes starting with a zero

Got postal code areas that are starting with a 0? That might cause a problem, because a number column might cut off the first zero. In this case, we recommend to use a text (string) type.

4. Save time with our postal code data

Spotzi offers lots of data that is also segmented by postal code. We offer data with more information about demographics, disposable income and consumer behavior. Data you can use to enrich your map based on the same postal code.

5. Analyze postal codes within a certain range

Do you only want to visualize the postal code areas that lay within a certain radius of a business location? Use the buffer functionality of our GIS app in combination with our Filter app.

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