Retail location planning

Establishing new store locations with potentially the most valuable consumers. A well known sports brand from the US just did it, but how? What data did they use and how do you make sure that the data is usable for analysis?

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Consumer behaviour insights

There is a lot of data available that provide more insights into consumer behaviour like disposable income, demographics, consumer surveys etc. How do you determine which data is useful for your location analysis? And how do you make sure that this data is suitable so it can be used for planning new store locations?

After several conversations, we were able to advise them on what data to use and at which geographical level. In this particular case, we provided data that gave them more insights into demographics, purchasing power and consumer spending of various product categories, including apparel and spending on sports.

Location data. Suitable for retail analysis

After they picked the right data for their analysis they weren’t there yet, because the data needed a location component. This component was essential when they wanted to perform location analytics. Fortunately, that is where the true power of Spotzi comes around. Because our entire database is geographically segmented, the data was already very suitable for this particular use case.

Fast and flexible upscaling for international business expansion

As an internationally renowned sports brand, they are researching store locations all over the world. This offers a lot of opportunities, but also a lot of challenges. Take demographic data for instance. Each county delivers its data differently and in their own their own language. In addition, each country uses its own geographical level. As a result, investigating new countries takes a lot of time. Not with Spotzi!

With Spotzi, they were able to quickly find similar datasets without having to research data availability. This allowed them to quickly extend to other countries in Europe, Asia and North and Central America. In this way, international expansions could be investigated and acted upon much faster. Something that gave them a huge competitive advantage.

Start your location research with Spotzi!

Do you want to conduct a location research in a data-driven way? With Spotzi, you have access to consumer data from renowned data partners. Geographically segmented and directly available for your location research.

Do you want to get started right away? In that case, Spotzi also offers a number of ready-made dashboarding solutions with powerful analysis tools. With these dashboards, the data is directly available and you can perform the most advanced location analytics such as competition analysis and accessibility (drive times) in just a few clicks.

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