The Spotzi Mapbuilder offers the possibility to create maps and perform location analysis. All in 1 complete online tool. Quick and easy. We believe that mapping data is the key to creating new insights and finding new opportunities. After all, a map says a lot more than any Excel sheet.

Discover the benefits our Mapbuilder below.

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Uitgebreide Map Styling   Advanced Map Styling

A map offers so many more insights when you edit the layout. Choose a unique color for each area or create a layout based on the data. Define a style based on a range or create a style based on categories.

Custom Iconen   Iconic maps

How to create iconic maps without icons? In the Spotzi Mapbuilder you can easily add an icon to your map. Pick one of more than 300 default icons or upload your own.

Need more functionalities?

With the Spotzi Apps you can add extra functionality to your Mapbuilder. Combine geographic datasets with your own Excel data with the Join App or add charts to maps for even more insights with the Graph App.

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Spotzi Geocoder   Spotzi Geocoder

Do you want to plot your Excel data on the map? In that case you need the Spotzi Geocoder. Just import your file and the Geocoder will automatically add a geometry to every location. The information you need to create your very own map.

Map Shares   Satellite Basemap

Do you want more knowledge about the environment around a specific location? Use our Satellite basemap. This high-resolution map is your foundation for performing location analytics.

Map Shares   Corporate Styling

Do you want to create maps or dashboard for your company? Add your own logo or add the colours of your company to your map shares.

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