Map Shares

Spotzi Map Shares allow you to visualize your data analysis and present your insights to your colleague’s and customers. Impress them with interactive maps that tell and sell your story. At Spotzi we believe that a  map tells more than a thousand words.

Map Shares   Maps made to impress

Our Map Shares are packed with options to edit your map the way you want. You can choose which elements you want to add like a search bar, zoom buttons, a legend or a big info window. Edit your shares and tell your story the way you like.

Map Shares   All your shares in one place

In the Mapbuilder you have a seperate page where you have an overview of all your shared maps. On this page you can manage all your shared maps and edit a wide range of settings.

Map Shares   User Friendly Maps

Spotzi Map Shares allows you to impress you customers and colleague’s. We offer user-friendly maps packed with interesting functions. Functionalities that allow the user to discover the map you made. Spotzi Map Shares offer you the tools to tell and sell your story.

Map Shares   Advanced User Management

Do you only want a certain group of people to access your maps/location dashboards? In that case you can add a login. To manage who gets access to your maps you can go to the user management of your shared maps. Here you can add/delete users. You are in control.

Map Shares   Develop your own map controls

You love the Spotzi Mapbuilder but for privacy reasons you don’t want to store your data on our server. Or you are a developer and would like to add stunning functionalities to our maps? Our Javascript controllers offer you the utmost freedom. You will get blazing fast maps which can be controlled by you. Simply build the mapcontrols yourself.

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