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Map Editor
Filter your data
Single User

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Premium Packages

Territory Package
Marketing Package
Single User

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Mapbuilder Enterprise

Location Intelligence
Up to 10 users

From $395 p/m

Enterprise Packages

Real Estate PackageInsights Package
Up to 10 users

From $995 p/m

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Feature breakdown

 Tools Premium Premium Packages Enterprise Enterprise Packages
Map Styling done done done done
Custom Icons done done done done
InfoWindows done done done done
Geocoder done done
Satellite Basemap done done
Corporate Style done done
  Data Premium Premium Packages Enterprise Enterprise Packages
Upload Your Own Data done done done done
Postal Code Boundaries option done option done
Demographics + Income option done option done
Real Estate Data option option option done
Consumer Spending       done
Maximum Storage 5Gb 5Gb 50Gb 50Gb
Private Cloud     done done
  Apps Premium Premium Packages Enterprise Enterprise Packages
Join App done done done done
Filter App done done done done
GIS App done done done done
PDF Rapportage App done done done done
Webservice App done done done done
POI App     done done
Graph App     done done
Drivetime App     done done
QGIS App     done done
  Sharing Maps Premium Premium Packages Enterprise Enterprise Packages
Share your maps done done done done
Secure With A Login     done done
Add Filters     done done
Dashboarding     done done
Export functionality     done done
Map Views Per Month 100,000 100,000 1,000,000 1,000,000

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Premium Data Packages

   Mapbuilder Enterprise

Your data tells can show you more business opportunities than you think. The Mapbuilder Enterprise is the perfect location intelligence solution to grow your business.


Datashop Access

Join us and start mapping. Your first map starts in our datashop with numerous free and premium datasets ready to import into your own dashboard.

Add your Data

Want to add your own data? We have done our best to built an easy-to-use solution. Draw your real estate listings, map your trails, or upload an Excel spreadsheet.

Custom icons

Personalize your map and add custom icons to your map. Add your own logo or create icons yourself to make your map unique.


Share your maps with the world, your friends, a colleague or a client. Export the map as an image or share it as a link. Everyone can enjoy your map.

100,000 Mapviews

You can easily embed your maps into your own website. With 100,000 mapviews a month you don’t have to worry about running out of views.

Street Map

We offer you a street map based on OpenStreetMap as a base map. Over 10,000 users worldwide make sure this data is accurate.


All your data will be kept private. We create daily back-ups and monitor your import failures. We offer first-class tools and support.

Plenty of Storage

Don’t worry about storage limits. With a standard 5GB of storage, you can add as many datasets as you want.