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What is a GML file?


A GML file format, also known as a Geography Markup Language, is an XML like format that is defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). This type of XML is optimized to express geological features. That makes GML an interchange format for geographic transaction on the internet. The GML format is often used for webservice data calls (API). For geographical purposes we recommend using a GML or a KML. AN XML is a good format language for just data purposes.


An complete GML dataset contains the following specifications:

What is a GML file?
  • The first part contains more information about the GML data format;
  • The second part contains more information about the bounding box. These are the coordinates in which the map appears;
  • The third part contains more information about the dataset;
  • The fourth part contains the geometry which is needed to draw the map features on the map;
  • The fifth part contains the opening tags that give more information about a map feature (point, line or polygon)
  • The sixth part contains all the closing tags.

What software opens a GML?

  • QGIS
  • Arcgis
  • Mapinfo

Associated filename extensions

  • .xml
  • .kml
  • .gml

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