More targeted advertising in OOH

Branded Cities is an innovative advertising company in North America that is using Spotzi to map out all their assets for their customers.

Branded Cities is an innovative out-of-home advertising provider in North America. They own digital billboards, spectaculars along highways and in malls and street furniture across Canada. Branded Cities owns lots of billboards on iconic places (e.g. Times Square) in the United States and Canada. The only thing they were missing was a clear overview of every asset they own. They were looking for a quick and easy way to show their clients all available assets, but also the possibility to contact them. Due to Spotzi they now have access to a unique tool that ticks all the boxes.

Mapping was a great way to gain a clear overview of all out assets. For us and for our clients. - Branded Cities

A clear overview of all assets on a digital map

Mapping is a great solution to gain a clear overview of every asset you own. A map allows you to get an overview of all assets and the billboard density at a glance. The locations of every billboard, bus shelters and other OOH assets can be easily plotted on the map with our tools. There is no need to be a data scientist. Mapping your data in Spotzi is as easy as drag and drop.

Assets within a building like Union Station in Toronto however were a greater challenge. That is were Spotzi helped out mapping ground plans of malls, train stations and airports. By zooming in all billboards in a specific building will pop-up. We made a distinction between OOH advertising assets on the street and in buildings as the latter needed a much more detailed approach.

An interactive dashboard for out-of-home campaigns

Request assets and information directly from the map

To give clients of Branded Cities more insight into the possibilities of (digital) out-of-home advertising each asset has been enriched with information like photos, videos and detailed descriptions. With the push of a button assets that are most interesting for their advertisers can be filtered. It is also possible to filter locations based on the demographics of people passing by or living around an OOH location. With this complete tool Branded Cities can easily analyze locations and recommend billboards that best match their clients. The result happy clients and more revenue.

When someone is interested in an asset it has to be as easy as possible to contact the right person. That’s why Spotzi also developed a shopping cart to enable customers to directly order multiple billboard locations. Before ordering clients can even test the creative with the help of a distance testing tool. This way the sales team has all the information they need to contact the customer and complete the order. A very cost-effective solution that saves a lot of time because all the information a sales rep need is instantly available for them. Before that they had to request this information by email and phone.

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