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How to import a CSV with addresses to geocode?

In order to map the locations within your CSV or Excel files you must ensure that your files come equipped with the right geometry data. To do this, simply import your file into Spotzi's platform and use the Spotzi Geocoder to fill in any missing geometry. Continue reading to learn more about this process.

We will use the following table to geocode:

SpotziOffice the NetherlandsVeilingdreef354614RXBergen op ZoomThe Netherlands
SpotziOffice CanadaKing Street West125M5V 3S5TorontoCanada

Quick note! Avoid using special characters or numbers in your table header.
Please keep in mind that the use of special characters (%, #, @) and numbers in your table header might cause an error when geocoding a CSV/Excel file. Set your files up for success by only using text characters in your table headers.

A Step-by-Step Guide

To geocode the data from the above example please follow the steps below:

1. Log into your account, go to My Maps and press CREATE MAP.

this is an image

2. Click on GEOCODE MY DATA.

this is an image

3. Name your map and table. Select your Excel/CSV file and click IMPORT to confirm.

this is an image

4. Inform the Spotzi Geocoder of which dataset columns refer to a specific kind of location (e.g. a city name). Spotzi can autofill most columns for you, but you have the option of choosing other columns if necessary. If you have multiple values listed in one column (such as street names and house numbers) please select the same column for both location types. Press IMPORT when you're ready.

The Spotzi Geocoder allows users to map address lists with missing coordinates by automatically filling in each location's latitude and longitude data. This tool also grades the quality of your geocoded data as either good, medium quality, or bad quality data.

Once geocoded, your address list can be visualized on a map using our mapping tool. This dataset and its map will both be stored in your Spotzi account — however, you can also export your geocoded dataset as a CSV, XML, geoJSON, or Shapefile at any time.

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Spotzi Geocoder
Do you want to map a list of customer or business addresses, but are lacking the address coordinates? No problem! Use the Spotzi Geocoder to automatically fill in the latitude and longitude values for your locations.

5. The Spotzi Geocoder will take a moment to analyze the file you provided and will inform you of its progress via a progress bar. Providing as much information as possible in the previous steps of this process will assist the Geocoder in performing a faster analysis. Click OPEN MAP when the geocoding and mapping of your data is complete.

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6. Congratulations on successfully creating a map from your list of addresses! It's now time to style your map in any way you'd like. For more information about map styling please consult the map styling options article in our help center.

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