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Do you want to visualize your company’s sales performance geographically? Simply import your sales data and customer address lists into Spotzi to view an automatically-generated overview of your company’s performance at postal code level. You can also use our postal code boundary data to target specific areas of your market with direct mail, online, or OOH campaigns.

The global coverage of our postal code database ensures that your insights can be generated across international markets — perfect for brands servicing a worldwide clientele, or for those looking to expand their business.

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Gain access to our free catalog of maps and dashboards. Find Postal Codes, learn more about global income differences or just get inspired by our community maps. Spotzi Explorer is our free solution for every marketer, researcher, student and beyond. Available as a stand alone solution and part of our price plans.

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New Partnership with OOH Info LLC: Revolutionizing OOH Optimization

Unlock the power of OOH with OOH Info LLC and Spotzi: optimizing Billboard and Screen placements for 300 media owners across the U.S.