Export data

How to export data?

Did you create an insightful map/dataset and do you want to export the file to other data/BI software? In the Spotzi Mapbuilder you can choose to export your map to any popular file format. To export your map/data you have to take the following steps:

1. Go to your map, select the options menu and click the EXPORT DATA button.

Export Boundary Data

2. Now you have the option to choose the file format. You can choose between CSV, geoJSON, KML, Shapefile and XML. Select the file type and press EXPORT DATA. Do you want to know what file type you need for your GIS/BI software? Check out our file formats guide.

Export Boundary Data

Exporting geocoded data
When exporting data that you have geocoded. In the data, an extra column will be created that will give more information about the geocoding quality. This extra column is named geocode_quality. This will tell you whether your geocoded data is GOOD, MEDIUM or BAD.

What format do I need?

Every GIS software needs another GIS format. Take a look at the table below to find the GIS format you need for your GIS software.