What’s a good alternative for Mapinfo?

What’s a good mapinfo alternative?

The Spotzi Mapbuilder is a great online Mapinfo alternative. The Spotzi Mapbuilder offers a full functional open source mapping solution that can be used by GIS professionals, but also by people that don’t have any GIS experience at all.

Spotzi offers a free Mapbuilder with a lot of great basic mapping functionalities. Along with a fully integrated datashop and the possibility to add Spotzi apps for extra functionality, you only pay for the data and functionality you actually use. That makes Spotzi a more cost effective solution.

Who uses the Spotzi Mapbuilder?

Spotzi has a lot of users from different kinds of industries with different data needs, like:

  • Businesses that want to map out their clients per ZIP code area to see what ZIP code areas need more sales attention and what ZIP code areas have a higher potential.
  • Businesses that want to map out the catchment areas of their offices. Very convenient if you want to link new potential customers to a specific location and office.
  • Businesses that want to know more about demographics in a certain neighbourhood.
  • Businesses that want to visualize their competition on a map.
  • Got a specific data need, please contact us!

Our Benefits

  • done Fully integrated datashop with hundreds of premium and free maps.
  • done With Spotzi Apps, you only pay for the functionality you need. This make Spotzi a very cost effective solution.
  • done Webservice possible
  • done The Spotzi Mapbuilder is a full online mapping solution, so you don’t have to install anything locally. You can edit your maps wherever you are!
  • done Registration and the Mapbuilder are FREE!