3 Ways Spotzi Can Drive Your OOH Campaign

Transform the impact of your OOH campaigns with detailed audience insights, asset-specific traffic data, and mobile re-targeting. Keep reading or click the link below to learn more about the power of combining OOH with our trusted platform and data-driven solutions.

1. Big Picture, Big Insights:

Inventory Mapping & Audience Profiles

Manage and showcase your OOH inventory using our dashboards' customizable topographical displays. Spotzi's filter options allow you or your clients to filter inventory based on asset type, location, specs, and more. Our platform also makes it easy to integrate all of your inventory lists with our software via the use of an API.

Is your custom and interactive inventory map ready? Each of your assets' locations can now be paired with any of our numerous datasets in order to build unique asset-specific audience profiles. These profiles can offer a look into: 

See our OOH dashboards in action when you schedule a meeting with us. We'll provide an overview of our OOH audience measurement tools, show you how you can visualize OOH impact on store visits, and more!

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2. Who, What, When, Where?

Audience Mobility Data

Understand audience movement patterns using our cutting-edge mobile data. Spotzi offers insights into traffic patterns specific to times of day, days of the week, and monthly seasonality for both indoor and outdoor locations. This data can be used to determine:

We also offer a breakdown of each asset's audiences' areas of residence, right down to postal code level. These HomeBase locations can be used to fuel your customer insights using postal-code level data, as well as to track the reach of your OOH campaign's impact over time.

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3. Audience Targeting and Retargeting

Geotargeting with Spotzi

Use our advanced filter options to find and target your best-fit customers. Our dashboards can be used to locate the areas within a city or country that offer the greatest potential of campaign exposure to your target audience. You can even search for areas within a specific radius of your OOH locations to select the best assets for each of your campaigns.

Spotzi also makes it easy to retarget OOH audiences using Google and Facebook ads. Use our export feature to download a list of audience postal codes, and use this location data to re-target audiences using Google or Facebook Ad campaigns.

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Get started with Spotzi
Our location data is offered as a part of our Spotzi Professional and Spotzi Enterprise dashboards. Want to test our platform out for yourself? Our Spotzi Free account is a great first step towards finding your best-fit customers.

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