The future of data driven marketing has arrived!

If you’re focusing your sales and marketing efforts on the wrong personas, you’re wasting time, money and resources. You might end up spending a lot of money developing marketing strategies only to realize you didn’t find your best-fit customer. We have the answer!

Spotzi Free

Instead of telling you about the power of our solution, we think it’s better to experience it for yourself. That’s why we introduce Spotzi Free. Our free geomarketing solution to help you defining, locating and targeting your best-fit customers.

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What's new


Existing customers will notice a few changes. All dashboards now have the possiblity to perform a spatial analysis based on travel time. By foot or by car. A great way to target your (local) marketing campaigns and retail location analysis.

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POI Finder

Users that have access to our POI filter in the mapping environment can now also use the POI filter in the dashboards. Do you want to conduct a competitive analysis in a particular area? With Spotzi, you don’t have to search for every store location of every direct or indirect competitors. Just pick the area where you want to establish your new business, select the industry or company names of your competititors and we will provide you a map with every location. We enable you to perform this time-consuming competitive analysis in just a few clicks.

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Dashboard Builder

Spotzi offers over 10,000 datapoints to make sure you can build the most targeted marketing campaign possible. The best thing is that you don't have to crunch, analyze and vizualize the data yourself. Our data analysts have done the leg work for you. You simply drag and drop the datapoint that fits your audience. The result is a tailor made dashboard ready to shared or ready to be further analysed by for instance filtering out postal codes or adding competitative locations. That's what we call the future of data driven marketing.

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Discontinuation of Spotzi Location

With our new dashboards there is no need to map the data yourself. We have done that for you! Therefore we decided to discontinue our Location Plan that only offered mapping capabilities. Our Professional and Enterprise solutions still offer extensive mapping capabilities. The perfect tool for mapping your Out of Home or Retail Location. Existing customers of Spotzi Location will be automatically upgraded to Spotzi Professional at no additional costs.

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