Geo-Targeting with Facebook Ads

Facebook ads — one of the largest advertising networks in the world — offer marketers a number of options when it comes to audience targeting. Let’s take a look at how you as a marketer can use geotargeting to get the most out of your next Facebook campaign.

Geotargeting in Facebook: Advanced custom audiences.

The Facebook Ads interface allows marketers to target audiences based on many different types of criteria. These include a user's family composition, relationship status, employment, online interests, and shopping behaviour. You can even target users based on their upcoming birthdays.

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Facebook arms marketers with the tools to geo-target countries, cities, regions, and even individual postal code areas with their campaigns. Postal code targeting also allows users to gain further insights into populations at a postal code level using supplementary datasets.

Spotzi’s platform offers a selection of numerous such datasets from reliable market research agencies such as GfK and Vividata. Marketers can use these datasets to look into a population’s characteristics, demographics, purchasing power, and even consumer behaviour. Using Facebook Ads to target audiences based on these numerous insights can help you maximize your marketing resources and drive each campaign's effectiveness.

Facebook Targeting based on Custom Criteria with Spotzi

Spotzi’s platform was developed as an all-in-one geomarketing tool for marketers and data-savvy specialists alike. We offer users all the tools and data they need to analyze and target audiences based on thousands of different characteristics and data filters — everything you need to find your best-fit customers! Our global datasets include:

Facebook Ads: Targeting via Postal Code list
Are you ready to geo-target postal codes with your Facebook Ads campaign? You must first obtain a list of the postal codes you'd like to target based on their audiences' potential. Spotzi offers users access to a number of geomarketing tools aimed at facilitating the search for these postal codes. Our targeting options include:

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Importing Postal Codes into Facebook Ads

Have you finished generating and exporting your list of postal codes using Spotzi’s dashboards? If so, you’re now ready to start importing this list into Facebook Ads.

  1. Begin by setting up the targeting of your campaign under ”Audience”.
  2. Select one of the options under the “Locations” heading. These options are:
    • Residents of this location.
    • Recent visitors of this location.
    • Persons who live at this location OR who were recently present at this location.
    • Persons who are traveling and were recently present at this location.
  3. Click “Location” at the bottom left of your map to begin adding your locations in bulk.
  4. Select “ZIP Codes” from the list of location types and choose your country.
  5. Add your list of ZIP or postal codes by attaching the file you’ve exported from Spotzi (or another source).
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Now that you know how to target ZIP/postal codes using Facebook Ads you’re ready to start building custom Facebook Ads audiences. Marketers can organize these audiences based on a variety of characteristics, and can later create separate campaigns for each target group in order to test which generate the most favorable results.

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Use Spotzi’s dashboards to target audiences using travel time filters — all without the need for external help from data scientists or GIS specialists. Our ready-to-use postal code database and filter system allow you to locate the most promising postal codes for your local marketing campaigns. All postal code populations can then be further analyzed using our detailed demographic and consumer spending datasets.

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