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Create an Excel map. Import a shapefile into Excel 3D Maps.


Did you just download a Shapefile or did you export a shapefile from Spotzi Studio and do you want to import these shapefiles into Excel 3D Maps? Read the following instruction:

  1. Make sure you download both the CSV and the shapefile of your map.
  2. Open the CSV of your data first.
  3. Now you will see that the CSV contains large rows of text which is caused by the geometry (the_geom column). We will first split the text into columns and delete these geometry columns. We won’t need these because we will add a shapefile with the geometry later.
  4. Now open a new Excel file and open 3D Maps. This will open up a Google Earth kind of globe.
  5. Now go to custom regions in the upper bar, import a new set and pick your shapefile (or a KML if you have one).
  6. Pick the column that contains the area name and press import.
  7. You did it! Now you have added the regions to your 3D maps.
  8. To actually show something on the map you need to add data to the empty Excel file you created a 3D Map from. Therefore you need the data from the CSV you splitted earlier. So go back to your splitted CSV and copy the data to the empty Excel file.
  9. Select the data and go to the following button: INSERT > 3D MAPS > ADD SELECTED DATA TO 3D MAPS.
  10. Now the 3D Maps interface will open up.
  11. Add a location field. In our case we choose the ZIP.
  12. Choose the way you want to show your data on the map. In this case we will choose the custom regions (.kml, .shp) we have just imported.
  13. Now change the view to regions.
  14. You did it! You have successfully imported a Shapefile into Excel 3D Maps.

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