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How to import a shapefile into Mapinfo?


Did you just download a shapefile? Or did you just export a dataset from Spotzi Studio and do you want to import these shapefiles into Mapinfo? Read the following instruction:

  1. Make sure to extract your zipped shapefile first.
  2. Open Mapinfo Professional and click HOME > OPEN > TABLE. Select the folder with the extracted ZIP contents and select the file type ESRI (R) SHAPEFILE (.shp). After selecting these options, press OPEN.
  3. Now Mapinfo will automatically create a .TAB file from the map you are trying to open. Choose a location and name this .TAB file. Keep in mind that this will be the file you will be editing. Not the Shapefile.
  4. After choosing the location and name of the .TAB file you have to choose the File Character Set (ANSI) and the projection (WGS84).
  5. After selecting the right settings the map will be opened in Mapinfo Professional. You did it!

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