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How to edit multiple features in QGIS software?


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Step 1: Add Layer

  • Add a layer by selecting the layer menu in QGIS

Step 2: Start Editing

  • First of all we need to turn on the “Edit” function in QGIS by pressing the pencil icon in the menu.
  • The sample below shows regions in Germany. After you turn on the edit function all features will turn red.
QGIS Multi Feature
  • In this tutorial we will edit multiple objects (for instance multiple regions). Therefore we also need to turn on the “Select” function as shown below:
QGIS Multi Feature
  • Now you are able to select multiple objects (in our case regions) by holding down the CRTL button and select the objects you want to edit. In our sample we selected 4 regions.
QGIS Multi Feature
  • Once you are done with selecting the objects RIGHT CLICK on your map name (in our sample: Export_Output). From there you need to open the “Attribute Table” as shown below:
QGIS Multi Feature
  • Now you have opened the Attribute table the final step is to show the content of the selected objects. This can be done in the lower right corner as shown below:
QGIS Multi Feature
  • The selected objects are now shown. You can edit any field you want.
QGIS Multi Feature
  • Once you are done editing you can close the “Attribute Table”. Now one IMPORTANT step. You save your edits by pressing the “Pencil Icon” again.
QGIS Multi Feature

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