Out of Home Measurement Dashboard

Since the start of Covid-19 people all over the world started working from home. According to the National Reserve Bank of Dallas (link) people in the United States working from home full-time raised from 8% in February 2020 to 20% in August 2020. However, 50% still commutes daily to their job. Many jobs still require to be present at work.

It is clear mobility patterns have changed and not everyone is passing by a Billboard or Digital Advertisement. However that does not mean no-one is passing by an Out of Home location anymore. So how can you confidently know where the people you want to reach with your advertisements are still spending time?

Out-of-Home Effectiveness: The truth is in the Data

Having the right data is key to making smarter advertising decisions. That is why we recently introduced the Out of Home Measurement Dashboard (OOH Dashboard) in our Market Ready Dashboards collection. We work with several data partners around the globe that collect locations of mobile devices. All location data is anonymized, scored, screened and filtered. Machine learning algorithms detect inaccurate locations and delete these locations. This also means that when fewer devices are being seen in a particular location than there might actually be, historic data is being used to correct this. The result is a robust measurement system for the Out of Home industry.

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OOH Advertising Statistics. Zoom into a certain time frame

Having access to a stream of data is nice but that does not provide the necessary insights. We tackle this with our new OOH Dashboard. Next to features like the ability to add photos, videos and spec sheets, we also offer weekly traffic counts. We compare the weekly counts with the pre Covid-19 era. The data can be compared with the same week last year or with the first few months of this year. Finally, one has the ability to zoom into a certain time frame.

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The right data, the right opportunities

We investigated North American traffic hotspots ourselves and it is no surprise that public transport and office hotspots show a drop in traffic. However, malls and highway locations still do surprisingly well. The dwelling time is shorter but traffic at some locations is only 5% less than pre-Covid. With the right data you can still find opportunities to advertise so you make sure the audience out there does not lose touch with your brand.

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From OOH to Mobile. Measure effectiveness and visibility

But it does not stop there. To help retail survive Covid-19 we added the ability to target the audience that passed by an Out of Home location on mobile. This way you will reach maximum visibility to the audience that first saw your ad in the mall or any other billboard in the world.

Our dashboards also show you the type of audience that passed by a location and other stores they visited. This lets you further zoom into the audience, maximizing the results of future campaigns. The more targeted your campaign the better the results.

Try the demo of our OOH dashboard and discover opportunities

COVID may have disrupted people’s old patterns, but they are still spending time out in the world. By using our OOH Dashboards you know exactly where your ideal customers are spending time, to best maximize your advertising spend and stay top of mind with your consumers.

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