Targeting postal codes within a travel time

Local marketing can have a big impact on domestic brand awareness. Targeting audiences based on proximity and travel time allows marketers to tailor their messaging to each community, and to more effectively connect with the audiences they’re engaging. Smaller, more local companies can also use local marketing strategies to maximise the return on their marketing budgets.

Targeting postal codes based on their populations’ travel times to and from your store or business can help you capture your most promising audiences’ attention — it also takes the guesswork out of targeting based on proximity as distance isn’t always the deciding factor in the convenience of traveling from one place to another. Keep reading to learn more about taking your local marketing strategy to the next level with Spotzi.

Local Marketing: Filter and analyze postal codes based on travel time

The scope of your marketing campaign is not always one size fits all. Your average shopper will normally expect to endure a longer commute when picking up their perfect couch or TV vs. while doing their weekly grocery shopping. This is why our platform allows you to filter by custom travel times when targeting your best-fit customers.

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A small bakery’s marketing campaign intends to draw in the locals with promises of freshly baked bread and pastries. This bakery can now choose to divide its marketing budget and expenditure between audiences within a 15 minute commute of their bakery and audiences whose commutes extend beyond that. To do this, the bakery simply uses Spotzi to filter their surrounding postal codes based on their set travel times. This narrows down their catchment area to a list of more relevant postal codes. The aforementioned list can now be used to:

Digital Marketing for Local Businesses

Digital marketing channels can be used to target audiences within a set travel time from your place of business. This, however, isn’t a standard targeting option within digital marketing tools such as Google, Bing, or Facebook — Most marketers can only unlock this strategy with the help of data analysts or GIS specialists.

Discover the potential of geomarketing
Use Spotzi to target audiences using travel time filters without the need of external help from data scientists or GIS specialists. Our ready-to-use postal code database and filter system allow you to locate the most promising postal codes for your local marketing campaigns. All postal code populations can then be further analyzed using our detailed demographic and consumer spending datasets.

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Strategic distribution of your marketing budget is key when it comes to maximizing the return on your marketing efforts. Travel time filters allow you to focus a greater percentage of your campaign budget on your most promising audiences — you can then use other budget portions to explore your connection with other audiences and locate new areas of interest for your brand or business.

Audience Segmentation: Travel time and Consumer behaviour

When dealing with a large catchment area and its many consumers it pays to strategically divide a population into different types of audiences. This increases the precision of your marketing efforts and ensures that your resulting campaign strategies are much more targeted; we would, after all, expect to approach the targeting of a younger audience differently than that of a much older one.

How to divide your audience based on travel time?
Begin by mapping each postal code within your catchment area. Once your map is ready you may proceed to further divide this catchment area using different kinds of data. There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to using additional datasets:

Looking for consumer data?
Spotzi offers instant access to global consumer data on a geographical level. Our platform bridges the gap between marketers and reputable data from sources such as GfK and Vividata — as well as Spotzi’s own proprietary datasets. Our team of data professionals ensures that you don’t have to worry about peripheral matters such as complex data management and can instead dive right into actionable audience insights.

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Digital Marketing: Optimize Google and Facebook Ads using Travel Distance Filters

Use Spotzi’s travel distance filters to create targeted online campaigns, or continue to further categorize your most promising postal codes based on thousands of data filter options. Read our article on location targeting with Google Ads and Facebook Ads to learn more.

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Spotzi’s platform streamlines the process of geomarketing research & analysis by providing you with a one-stop-shop for all of your mapping and location data needs.

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