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Yonge & Dundas Square in Toronto attracts a significant number of visitors annually. It is estimated that millions of people visit the square each year, making it one of the busiest and most popular public spaces in Toronto. But who are the people that visit this vibrant location? And where do they go after? These are interesting questions for urban planners, but also for retailers and outdoor advertising companies that want to analyze the success of their campaign. With Spotzi Visitor Insights we can answer these questions.

Visitor Insights Dashboard. Making Cross-Visitation Data Decision-Ready.

This in-depth Visitor Insights Dashboard is a visualization of our powerful cross-visitation data, which helps professionals and decision-makers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their visitors like never before, uncovering key trends, preferences, and behaviors.

What is Cross-Visitation data?

Cross-visitation data refers to analyzing the sequence in which visitors visit different locations. It helps us understand the patterns and trends of visitor movement, such as where they go before or after visiting a specific place. By studying this data, businesses can gain insights into visitor preferences, identify popular routes, and optimize resource allocation.

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An graphic that explains how cross-visitation analysis is done with Spotzi

It also enables businesses to enhance their marketing strategies, create better visitor experiences, and make informed decisions. In essence, cross-visitation data helps us understand how visitors move and navigate between different locations, allowing businesses to improve their operations and maximize success.

How can companies benefit from these insights?

Cross-visitation data offers several benefits for businesses and organizations:

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Yonge & Dundas Square | Visitor Insights & Demographics Dashboard

To demonstrate the data in action, we have developed a Visitor Insights Report specifically for Yonge & Dundas. This dashboard utilizes geofencing technology to cover the entire area as well as other locations within Toronto. By analyzing the captured mobile data from both Yonge & Dundas and other locations, we gain a deeper understanding of visitors' subsequent destinations. The cross-visitation percentage indicates the likelihood of people visiting those locations, with higher percentages indicating greater likelihood.

The following locations have been considered in this dashboard:

Gain deeper insights into movement patterns

Analyzing foot traffic data, human movement patterns, and visitor behavior patterns allows us to understand the sequential order in which visitors explore different areas of Yonge & Dundas Square. By studying these patterns, we can identify the natural flow of visitors and determine which places they tend to visit next. This valuable insight enables businesses and organizations to strategically position their offerings and services along these pathways, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. By aligning with visitor behavior, businesses can create seamless experiences, optimize their layouts, and effectively capture the attention of visitors as they navigate through the various attractions of Yonge & Dundas Square.

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