Analyzing Real Estate Price Development

Dura Vermeer is a real estate developer that is continuously searching for the latest real estate market trends. In collaboration with Spotzi they developed a dashboard that helps them with this analysis.

Dura Vermeer is one of the greatest real estate developers in the Netherlands. They are known for creating new living environments around the country. These projects are developed by a data-driven team that uses property data to always keep up with trends in the Dutch real estate market. Therefor Dura Vermeer is always looking for ways to integrate data in their business.

Spotzi created a ready-to-use real estate dashboard where all ldata management is provided by them so we can keep our focus on making the best real estate analysis. - Dura Vermeer

Always access to the latest real estate data

Following the latest development in the Dutch real estate market is quite a complicated process, because housing prices change every day. That is why it is essential to always have the latest property data. Also you need to have the tools to visualize this data to be able to turn this into usable new insights. This asked for quite a complicated data solution. A solution that they have found with the help of Spotzi.

Huizenprijzen Ontwikkeling

Look further than real estate data

Dura Vermeer analyzes more than just property data. Besides the latest developments in the Dutch real estate market they also use data about demographics and consumer behaviour to gain more insight into house buyers. Thanks to this additional data they have created a powerful tool that helps them to develop projects that actually meet the demand.

For Dura Vermeer, Spotzi has created a ready-to-use dashboard where Spotzi takes care of the data handling and -management. A solution that saves a lot of time so we can focus on making the best real estate analysis.

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