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Export location data

After you've set up your data filters and geographically targeted your best-fit customers it's time to put your data into action. Our export function allows you to generate a list of postal codes as Excel or CSV files. You can then use this list to create targeted Google Ads, to power your Facebook campaigns, or to enrich your CRM database. The possibilities are endless!

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Use your online advertising campaigns to target specific audiences based on key audience demographics (such as income, age, or household structure). Follow the steps below to generate a list of postal codes within your target area which contain the highest concentrations of your target audience:

  1. Follow our Dashboard Filters guide to add custom filters to your dashboard. In this example we will use the following filters:
    • A 5 mile radius around the center of Toronto
    • A high concentration of 20-24 year olds OR 25-29 year olds (effectively targeting a population of 20-29 year olds).
    • A high concentration of couples without children.
    • A high concentration of people with an income of $200,000 or more.
  2. Click the OPTIONS button in the top right corner when you've finished adding your filters.
  3. Select the EXPORT DATA option from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click DOWNLOAD DATA to download your list of postal codes. Lists of 500,000 postal codes or more will be exported as a CSV (Comma Separated Values).

Using postal code list to target your online campaign
Now that you have your list of postal codes ready, you can use them to target your Google Ads or Facebook campaigns; See the following articles to find out how!
Google Ads
Facebook campaigns

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