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How to create a radius map?

With our innovative radius feature, you can effortlessly create custom zones around specific locations, unlocking insights into demographics, consumer behavior, and more. This tool empowers businesses to refine marketing strategies, enhance campaign effectiveness, and gain a deeper understanding of target audiences within defined radii. Explore the potential of our platform, and leverage the 'Radius Map' for precise and informed decision-making in your business endeavors.

Gain insights within a specific radius from your locations

Map style editor

1. To add a radius around each location, go to the MAP STYLE EDITOR.

Open GIS app for radius mapping

2. In the platform, access the GIS App and click ADD next to the buffer option in the left pane.

Create buffer around locations

3. Choose to place a buffer on a layer, select the layer with your business locations, set the range, and create a new layer to save your buffer. Click CREATE BUFFER.

Create and name your radius layer

4. Name your new layer and click CREATE NEW. Now your locations now have a radius around them.

Add data insights

5. After adding a layer with a buffer, you can create additional insights based on these buffers. To do this, select one of the datasets again from the top bar.

Add data blocks

6. Choose the country, dataset, and the specific data you want to visualize.

Analyze insights within radius

7. Once added, you'll immediately gain more insights into the data from these buffers.

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Spotzi welcomes TomTom as a new data partner for global traffic and POI data.