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What is geocoding?

Geocoding is a process that brings addresses to life on digital maps. Imagine it as a translator that converts regular street addresses into precise geographic coordinates, typically latitude and longitude. These coordinates serve as unique digital markers, pinpointing the exact location of a place.

Turn addresses into digital maps

When you input an address into a mapping application or GPS device, geocoding algorithms work behind the scenes to match that address with its corresponding set of geographic coordinates. These coordinates act like the address of a place in the digital world, allowing the software to accurately display the location on a map.

With Spotzi, locations are the key to gaining more insights. In fact, it is the foundation for further enriching your customer data. Once mapped out, we can link your customer data to consumer demographics, purchasing behavior, and more. This helps you profile your customer data, gain a deeper understanding of your customers, and set up more targeted campaigns.

In essence, geocoding bridges the gap between the physical world and digital maps, making it easier for us to navigate, plan, and interact with location-based information in our everyday lives.

The Spotzi Geocoder

The Spotzi Geocoder

The Spotzi Geocoder allows users to map address lists with missing coordinates by automatically filling in each location's latitude and longitude data. This tool also grades the quality of your geocoded data as either good, medium quality, or bad quality data.

Once geocoded, your address list can be visualized on a map using our geomarketing tool. This dataset and its map will both be stored in your Spotzi account — however, you can also export your geocoded dataset as a CSV, XML, geoJSON, or Shapefile at any time.

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Spotzi welcomes TomTom as a new data partner for global traffic and POI data.