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Location profiling in marketing offers valuable advantages. It allows businesses to gain deep insights into the preferences and behaviors of (potential) customers living around your store or billboard location. With this knowledge, companies can tailor their local marketing strategies, delivering more targeted and relevant campaigns. Location profiling also empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions when opening new store locations and analyzing new catchment areas.

With Spotzi, we have made this process easier. You add your locations, and we show you more insights about the people living in this area.


Mapping your locations

Mapping location data

Locations are a vital part of location profiling. Before we can get started with location profiling, you need a map with locations. There are multiple ways to achieve this:

Get Location Insights

Enhance your dashboard with insights. Depending on your Spotzi Plan, you have access to predefined data like household insights and disposable income. For more insights, explore our premium data or contact sales for details.

Add these data to your location insights:

Open Location Profiling

1. In this example, we will create more insights into consumer behavior related to eating out. Select the LOCATION PROFILE option on the home screen first.

Select Locations

2. Select based on which locations you want to create this profile. We have previously imported an address dataset with store locations in Toronto.

Choose Datasets for Profiling

3. Select the country, aggregation level, dataset, and data for visualization (e.g., Consumer Behaviour > Canada > Canada Dissemination Area and the following graphs:

After you have selected the graphs, press NEXT STEP. You can always add more insights later.

Name Location Profile Dashboard

4. Give your location profile dashboard a name. Click CREATE DASHBOARD to start profiling your locations.

Analyze location insights

5. Now, all graph blocks are added to the newly generated dashboard. The data shown is based on the location of the stores. For deeper analysis of these store locations, you can filter your locations or add additional insights by selecting one of the data categories in the top bar.


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