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How to solve data import errors?

Spotzi offers users the option to visualize their own data by converting Excel or CSV files into ready-to-go maps. There are, however, a number of obstacles that a user might encounter when attempting to import their own data files into Spotzi’s interface. Your most efficient approach to a file import might differ depending on the specific type of file or data you’d like to visualize.

Keep reading to learn about how to troubleshoot your import of a shapefile, a geoJSON, a csv/excel file with geometry, and a KML — as well as how to use Spotzi’s Geocoder to geographically plot data from csv/excel files which don’t include any geometry data of their own.

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Importing and mapping a dataset without geometry (csv/excel)

Please use Spotzi Geocoder when plotting data from csv or excel files that do not contain geometry. Has your Geocoder import failed? See below for some troubleshooting tips:

Read more about the process of importing addresses and data here.

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