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How to create a ZIP code boundary map?

Optimize your audience targeting with Spotzi’s postal code level data. Our mapping tool allows you to effortlessly map postal code boundary data and gain key audience insights for populations in over 130 countries. Spotzi's Professional and Enterprise accounts offer a wide range of customer insights in addition to country-wide postal code boundaries; this data includes:

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Spotzi ZIP code boundary maps: Easy to use, free to try!

You don't need to be a mapping expert to get the most out of Spotzi's mapping tools. Subscribe to our Spotzi Free Plan today for instant access to postal code boundary maps of the United States, Canada, and more.

Interested in a FREE Geomarketing Dashboard with ZIP Code Areas?
Spotzi Free grants users access to a fully-functional geomarketing dashboard. This dashboard comes equipped with country-wide ZIP code boundaries and insights into the population's Consumer Styles — Spotzi's data-based global consumer profiles.

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