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How to import a KML into QLIK Sense?

Have you just exported a KML file from your Spotzi account or any other platform? In order to import this KML file into QLIK Sense Desktop, please read the instructions below for a walk-through of this process.

How to import a KML file into QLIK Sense? [Guide]

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Ensure the column containing your ZIP code has the title "name".
  2. Create a new app.
  3. Name your app and click CREATE.
  4. Click OPEN APP.
  5. Drag you KML file into your app, or go to the data manager in the upper left-hand corner and select the KML from your computer.
  6. The columns from your KML file will appear. Select the name and area columns, then click ADD DATA.
  7. After your import is complete select your dataset and click LOAD DATA
  8. Click on EDIT THE SHEET to open your visualization; here, you can add your map.
  9. Drag a map chart to your sheet.
  10. Drag the field item with the geometry to your map. This is often the field that ends with ".Area".
  12. Remember that QLIK Sense will limit the number of areas. To change this please go to the particular area layer and click OPTIONS > GENERAL. Set the visible objects maximum to a number greater than 1000.
  13. Toggle label viewing by clicking the switch, or select the field that ends with ".Name" to visualize the postal codes.
  14. You have successfully created a QLIK Sense visualization with Spotzi data.

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