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How to import an Excel with a geometry?

A CSV file or Excel file that already contains a geometry has all the information necessary to draw point, lines or polygons on a map. It can thus be directly uploaded to your Spotzi account. A geometry in a CSV or Excel file looks like this:

Geometry Object Table header(s) Example
Point the_geom POINT (-74.0093857886298 40.71646850931738)
Point latitude -74.0093857886298
longitude 40.71646850931738
Line the_geom 0105000...3634440
Line the_geom LINESTRING (-73.9578259 40.77954217, -73.95932794 40.7801596, -73.95976782 40.77950967, -73.96136642 40.78022459, -73.96374822 40.77697488)
Polygon the_geom 0105000...3634440
Polygon the_geom POLYGON (-73.95757377 40.77853882, -73.95769179 40.77836821, -73.95757914 40.77831134, -73.95745575 40.77847789, -73.95757377 40.77853882)

1. Log into your account, go to My Maps and press CREATE MAP.

this is an image


this is an image

3. Give your map and dataset a name. Select the file you want to upload and press IMPORT to start uploading your data.

this is an image

4. Your data is now being uploaded to your account. The time for completing this process depends on the size of your file. Please note that it may not exceed 256 MB.

5. After your data has been uploaded successfully you will be able to access your data on your MY DATA homepage. To get to the MY DATA homepage press the link you can now see on the interface. 

this is an image

6. You have successfully imported a dataset to your Spotzi account. Now it is time to style your map the way you like. For more information about styling your map, please consult the topics map styling options.

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