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Import Excel with multiple sheets

Every Excel or Google Sheet is unique and continually growing, often reaching the limits of Excel files and Google Spreadsheets. It's no wonder that more companies are opting for direct connections through web services and APIs. Additionally, other file formats, such as CSV files, allow an unlimited number of rows and columns. Import capabilities are primarily restricted by the platform into which they are loaded.

Limitation of Excel and Google Spreadsheets
In Google Sheets, you can have a maximum of 18,278 columns and 200 sheets per workbook. Each sheet can contain up to 10 million cells.
In Microsoft Excel, the limit is significantly larger. You can have 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns in a single worksheet.

These limitations, especially in terms of the number of rows and columns, can impact the amount of data you can handle in a single document. If your data exceeds these limits, you might need to consider alternative solutions, such as database systems. In some cases, the data is split into multiple columns.

Import Excel with multiple tabs

How Spotzi handles files with multiple tabs?

When dealing with Excel files or spreadsheets containing multiple tabs, Spotzi imports only the active sheet, which is the sheet active at the time of the last save.


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