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Addresses Luxembourg

Do you want to create segmented lists of high-potential target groups for even more targeted campaigns? It is possible with Spotzi. With this premium geomarketing platform, you not only have access to the full address database of Luxembourg, but you can also easily add more consumer data, which we call data addons. Whether you want to segment by income, demography, consumer behavior, or even your own data, the more data you add to the platform, the more focused and successful your campaigns will be. This way, you can create targeted and data-driven campaigns in just a few clicks.

This address data of Luxembourg is available as a part of our Spotzi Targeting. These intuitive dashboards and easy-to-use data tools have streamlined the process of key audience micro targeting. This allows users to:

  • Expand into new markets.
  • Target like-minded audiences.
  • Segmenting your current/future customers (micro segmentation).
  • Gain a broader understanding of existing customers.
  • Determine advanced microtargeting strategies for targeting ads.
  • Save time on complex data management.

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Luxembourgish Addresses Explained

This address-level data of Luxembourgish data contains information about specific addresses or locations. This type of data provides detailed information about a specific place, such as the street address, city, state, zip code, latitude, and longitude. Also known as geolocation data. Visualizing address data helps businesses and organizations to make informed decisions based on location-specific information. By having accurate and up-to-date address level data, organizations can gain valuable insights into the characteristics of a specific area, including population density, economic activity, and other important factors.

How are addresses written in Luxembourg?

An address describes the physical location of a person, business, or organization. Luxembourgish's address data provides users with the following information for each:

Addresses Luxembourg Dashboard

Visualizing address data on the map helps you to create an insightful address lookup of Luxembourg.

How are Luxembourgish addresses structured?

Luxembourg’s addresses have a fixed structure. Each address is structured as follows:

Luxembourg Address Example

Here is an example of an Luxembourgish address — In this case, the University of Luxembourg:

University of Luxembourg
2 Avenue de l'Universite
4365 Esch-sur-Alzette

Use Cases of the Luxembourg Address Database

Mapping your existing customers' addresses in Luxembourg allows you to effortlessly dive into geographic audience segmentation. Once mapped, deeper audience insights and analytics are only a click away.

Here are some examples of how you can use address-level data for your business:

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