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Consumer Spending Luxembourg

Consumer spending data in Luxembourg can provide valuable insights into the spending patterns and preferences of target groups, which can help companies develop targeted marketing and sales strategies, discover new opportunities, and better understand consumer behavior. Additionally, it can also offer valuable insights into locations where consumers spend above average on specific products, allowing companies to focus their marketing efforts in those areas. By utilizing consumer expenditure data, companies can make their marketing campaigns more efficient, better understand their customers, and increase their revenue.

This data contains household spending by product category and is available as an add-on for Spotzi Profiling or Spotzi Targeting. Our geomarketing solution that allows companies to profile their current customers or discover new (international) markets with ease. With Spotzi, you can go from analysis to campaign in just a few clicks, as the data is ready for use without complicated data management. With Spotzi, you can immediately start with data-driven and targeted campaigns.

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About consumer spending statistics of Luxembourg

Consumer spending data offers key insights into an audience’s private / household expenditure and buying behaviour on various goods and services. This data reveals the value of goods and services purchased by Luxembourgish residents and breaks down their spending into food, fashion, lifestyle spending, and more.

Household spending by category

To give you detailed insights into Luxembourgish purchasing patterns and expenditure, the spending data is divided into the following product categories and services:

Where is consumer spending highest in Luxembourg?

In general, we see that consumer spending is highest in urban areas. You can see this clearly when you visualize this data on the map. Rather compare cities in terms of spending? Use the index and analyze these data against the national average.

In Luxembourg, the cities or areas with the highest consumer spending are:

On the map obelow, you can see at a glance the consumer spending by ZIP code in Luxembourg.

Consumer Spending Map of Luxembourg

Behavioural targeting. Meaning, definition and examples

Consumer spending data plays an important part in determining the right marketing strategy. For one thing, it plays a crucial role in understanding consumer behavior. Second, the data also helps you segment areas in Luxembourg. This behavioural segmentation of the Luxembourgish market helps you to target your marketing budget more effectively. The more data you have collected, the better and more accurate your segments will be. The result: Targeted campaigns and more efficient use of your marketing budget.

Here are some examples on how you can use this data to segment customers and make your campaigns even more targeted:

Understanding consumer trends
When developing new products, researching trends in the market is essential. With this data on consumer spending, you can spot trends early and keep up with any consumer trends.

Location analysis for new establishments
Use these consumer spending insights to discover the market potential of an area. For example, want to open a new restaurant in Luxembourg City? Then analyze the areas where there is above-average spending on takeout and catering.

Segment existing customers
Profile customers based on their location and gain more insight into the consumer behavior of existing customers.

Target areas with high market potential
With more insight into consumption patterns, you can immediately see which (ZIP code) areas are potentially interesting. For example, if you sell consumer electronics, you can target your campaigns to the areas with above-average spending in Luxembourg.

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Spotzi welcomes TomTom as a new data partner for global traffic and POI data.

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