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Consumer Spending Data

Consumer spending can provide valuable insights into the spending patterns and preferences of target groups, which can help companies develop targeted marketing and sales strategies, discover new opportunities, and better understand consumer behavior. Additionally, it can also offer valuable insights into locations where consumers spend above average on specific products, allowing companies to focus their marketing efforts in those areas. By utilizing consumer expenditure data, companies can make their marketing campaigns more efficient, better understand their customers, and increase their revenue.

This data contains household spending by product category and is available as an add-on for Spotzi Profiling or Spotzi Targeting. Our geomarketing solution that allows companies to profile their current customers or discover new (international) markets with ease. With Spotzi, you can go from analysis to campaign in just a few clicks, as the data is ready for use without complicated data management. With Spotzi, you can immediately start with data-driven and targeted campaigns.

Looking for the consumer spending of a specific country? Check out the list of available countries below.

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New Partnership with OOH Info LLC: Revolutionizing OOH Optimization

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