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Are you looking for a powerful tool to gain a deeper understanding of your target market and develop highly targeted marketing strategies? Start with Spotzi geomarketing dashboards. With access to the full demographic data of Austria, you can gain valuable insights into age, gender, household characteristics, and more. This information can help you tailor your marketing campaigns to the specific needs and preferences of your target group, and identify the best locations to focus your efforts.

Spotzi Profiling and Spotzi Targeting already offer a number of demographic attributes by default that you can start working with right away. This user-friendly platform makes it easy to go from analysis to campaign in just a few clicks, without the hassle of complicated data management. Profiling your current customers, discovering new (international) markets, and creating buyer personas of your ideal customers has never been this easy.

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Audience Demographics Austria

Demographic data is a type of information that provides insight into the characteristics of a population, such as age, household characteristics, gender, race, education, income, and more. Below you can find more information about the population statistics of Austria and a few interesting use cases.

Population Density Austria

Population density describes the relationship between an area’s inhabitants and the total size of that area. Europe’s population density calculations are often expressed as a number of inhabitants per square metre. In some countries — such as in the US — this density can be expressed as inhabitants per square mile (sq mi) or per hectare.

Population Density Austria Map

Austria Population Density Map

Free acces to the population density of Austria?

Spotzi Explorer gives you access to a rich array of data and dashboards such as population density, ZIP code boundaries and other location data. Create a free Spotzi Explorer account and get access to an endless database of insights.

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How is population density calculated?

To calculate an area’s population density you must divide an area’s total number of inhabitants by its surface area:

Population density = number of inhabitants / surface area

How to compare demographics of Austria with other countries?

You can compare the Austrian demographics with the rest of the world with an index. This country-wide index compares each postal code’s or municipality’s data to the country average. Similarly, the Euro-wide index offers an insight into how each postal code or municipality compares to those across the rest of Europe. In addition to detailed demographic insights, our platform also offers users the ability to enrich customer address data quickly and with precision. Check out Austria’s address dataset for more information.

Use Cases of Austrian Demographics Data

The use of demographics data has several benefits, including:

Demographic segmentation
This data can be used to segment the population and potential customers into different groups based on demographic characteristics. This can help businesses and organizations target their products, services, and marketing messages more effectively.

Customer insights
Demographics data of Austria can provide insights into the needs and preferences of their Austrian customers, which can help inform product development and marketing strategies.

Demographics Austria Dashboard

Location analysis
Demographics data can be used to analyze the characteristics of a specific geographic area, such as a neighborhood or city, which can help businesses and organizations make informed decisions about where to open new locations or expand their operations.

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Spotzi welcomes TomTom as a new data partner for global traffic and POI data.

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